The  Story

I'm from Colorado,

Pueblo, Colorado, a steel mill town,

and practiced on our Chickering upright piano.

At Centennial High School 

I was a star!

I graduated high school and

went to college at

The Univerisity of Denver where

I studied piano with Mr. A.

where I studied piano with Mr. D.

I was in the madrigal choir.

When I graduated, the only place I wanted to go

to graduate school was 

I enjoyed my childhood of piano lessons and music-making.  But as time went on I developed bigger dreams: moving to New York to attend the esteemed Manhattan School of Music. However, this goal was a bit more difficult than I expected.  As I struggle with my self-sabotaging demons, shaky memorization and insufficient technique, I master a falling piano, a sweltering practice room, a music-hating neighbor, a condescending teacher and other obstacles that confront a young Colorado classical pianist who has decided to tackle the Big Apple! 
In this music-filled 60 minute solo show, I create over ten characters including my piano teachers:  a kindly childhood teacher, my University of Denver teacher who opens up my eyes to the world of New York and my formidable first NY piano teacher.  Throughout the show I play the piano music of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy and Schubert. 
And then there's that mysterious New Yorker Magazine...



And I was in for.....


There was...


Parkside Evangeline Salvation Army Home for Women,

the Sheraton Hotel,

NYC Buses,

Carnegie Hall

NYU Law School and

And my dream GOAL ?


Central Park,

To attend graduate school at:

"It was a deep pleasure, Cynthia.  You're terrific!"

Austin Pendleton ~ Actor, Writer, Director

Cynthia Shaw | New York City

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