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This is a CD copy of the selections of music from Cynthia Shaw's solo show, Velvet Determination.  




J.S. Bach - Allegro from the Italian Concerto

Debussy - Arabesque

Beethoven - Sonata in C Major, Opus 2, No. 3 (excerpt)

Schubert - Impromptu in Eb Major, Opus 90 (excerpt)

Chopin - Nocturne in c# minor, Opus 27, No. 1 (excerpt)

Brahms - b minor Rhapsodey, Opus 79, No. 1 (excerpt)

Brahms - g minor Rhapsody, Opus 79, No. 2 (excerpt)

Debussy - L'isle joyeuse


Recorded on April 21, 2022 in New York City

MacIntyre Music * Reed Robins, Recording Engineer

Cynthia Shaw - All Rights Reserved © 2-22 *

CD of Velvet Determination Piano Music

SKU: 364215376135191
  • If the CD arrives damaged, please return and your payment will be refunded. 

  • The CD will be shipped in a cardboard envelope to protect it.  

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